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  • Emesis Good to see Gathering still going strong!
    27/08/13 19:39
  • Stormknight me very bad tank :/
    24/06/13 22:48
  • Wallé hey stormy come tank here slacker
    24/06/13 19:29
  • Pagán holyman in da house
    24/06/13 11:46
  • Abdominizer hey stormy!
    24/06/13 00:13
  • Stormknight Hey people :)
    23/06/13 16:24
  • Agape I think you are right;)
    09/05/13 19:21
  • Neíth I do believe the exact words were french FROG :D
    07/05/13 20:55
  • Agape thought it was french toad
    06/05/13 13:42
  • Agape hello Dagda
    06/05/13 13:41
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19/10/18 18:51

Gathering of Lightbringer

Welcome to the Gathering website. We are a 10 man raiding guild on Lightbringer-EU with a social, mature and relaxed atmosphere. The guild was created near the end of The Burning Crusade and has been raiding on and off ever since.

Gathering raids with a small yet versatile roster of around 14 raiders. We try to play in a fun, mature and friendly environment while maintaining a somewhat serious attitude towards raiding. We raid a maximum of 4 days a week while trying to maintain a steady progress. We all have a life outside the game. This is reflected in our amount of raiding. However, when we do raid, we try to get the maximum out of it.

We raid on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday, from 20.15 to about 23.15 server time.

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Ji-Kun Heroic
27/05/13 12:03 by Bloodsock
Jin'Rokh Heroic
23/05/13 14:31 by Bloodsock
08/05/13 11:47 by Bloodsock

Finally all normal content has been cleared. On to Heroics, hopefully with a more stable roster and signups.

Durumu - Promordius - Dark Animus
09/04/13 08:05 by Bloodsock

Was quite a good reset after struggling a bit with signups for Eastern. Killed 3 new bosses in 2 nights.

We did struggle far too long on Durumu, also plagued with some bad rng, lag and consorts, which only added to the frustration. Safe to say we were really happy and screamed like little girls when we finally killed it.

As for Primordius and Dark Animus, interesting fights, but far easier for us than Durumu. We wiped more on the trash at Animus than those 2 bosses combined.

Ji-Kun - Megaera - Tortos
25/03/13 06:23 by Bloodsock

We killed a few new bosses last week. Nice and fun fights so far. With last nights kill we re at 6/12. Good job everyone!!

Guild Applications
Death Knight Death Knight Closed
Druid Druid Balance | Resto | Guardain
Hunter Hunter Closed
Mage Mage All speccs
Monk Monk Mistweaver | Brewmaster
Paladin Paladin Holy | Prot
Priest Priest Shadow
Rogue Rogue Closed
Shaman Shaman Resto | Elemental
Warlock Warlock Closed
Warrior Warrior Closed
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Throne of Thunder: 2/13HC
HC: Jin'rokh the Breaker
N: Horridon
N: Council of Elders
N: Tortos
N: Megaera
HC: Ji-Kun
N: Durumu the Forgotten
N: Primordius
N: Dark Animus
N: Iron Qon
N: Twin Consorts
N: Lei Shen

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